Composite Materials: At First Water we fabricate composite boats and accessories. Fiberglass, carbon fiber and natural fiber reinforcements are available options throughout the boats. Foam, wood or composite core materials offer lightweight, natural, and durable options. Custom molds are designed using CAD and CAM engineering software packages, then fabricated on CNC machines. Vacuum infusion, vacuum bagging and hand layup processes are used to laminate the parts. They are then finished with marine grade coatings applied in a professional paint booth.

CNC Machines: From concept to fabrication, we can rapidly fabricate custom boat kits, molds, components and parts via precision computer controlled equipment. The following materials can be cut: aluminum, plastics, composites, fabrics, hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, foam and vinyl. Parts up to 5 ft x 9ft x 14 in can be cut in one piece, where larger parts can be pieced together with joinery techniques.

Metal Shop: First Water uses gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG). TIG welding affords the operator superior control of the weld puddle and arc, producing high quality and aesthetically pleasing aluminum and stainless steel welds. The process does not create fumes or smoke, making for a healthier work environment. We have a variety of metal cutting, shaping and polishing tools. So customers can select between standard components or place custom orders to rig their watercraft exactly to their liking.

Woodworking: In the wood shop engineering precision meets artistry. First Water boats highlight the natural beauty and strengths of wood. Customers can choose between a variety of different hardwoods, softwoods and plywoods such as cherry, cedar, walnut, oak, and maple. Later sealed in marine grade epoxies, varnishes and clear coatings these woods stand up to harsh environments while also making every boat unique. Custom bent hardwoods are produced in-house using our steam chamber or a cold compress.