At First Water we have partnered with ANSYS to implement a seamless software system for the 3D design, engineering and manufacturing of boats and marine accessories. First Water's engineering capabilities provide customers with the confidence that they will be getting into a safe, reliable and high performing boat at an affordable price.

Professional Engineering

Design - First Water is a professional engineering firm licensed in Montana. We build realistic 3D rendered models to help boaters choose between different boat designs, colors and materials options. We study things like hull efficiency (and in turn speed), stability, draft, impact strength, hull flex, and assign Coast Guard weight limit ratings. Computer aided engineering allows us to simulate large numbers of designs without the expenses incurred when relying solely on physical prototyping and testing.

Materials Engineering - Boat hulls and parts are built out of composite, metal and wood materials that are lightweight, stiff and durable enough to withstand harsh marine environments. First Water's engineers utilize advanced analysis methods to design composite materials that meet the extreme demands of the marine industry.

Power Engineering - When it comes to propulsion, boats have a lot of options. Our engineers ensure motors are properly sized, securely connected to the boat frame, the motor is positioned to ensure a well balanced ride, and electronics are installed liquid tight.

Looking for a new depth finder or want to integrate lights into your boat so you can throw out some mouse patterns under a full moon in search of that monster brown? We can engineer and install marine grade systems using generators, inverters, battery banks and solar units depending on your application!

Custom Projects

Don't see the option you want? We offer engineering design services to modify or retrofit you boat to your exact liking. All custom projects are guaranteed by a professional engineer licensed in the state of Montana. Based on the project scope we will provide a complete bid that covers you from conception to launch day. Contact Us today to get your free quote!