Composite Materials

At First Water we fabricate high quality composite hulls, components and boating accessories. We employ vacuum infusion for our hulls in lieu of chop guns or hand layup for several reasons. Vacuum infusion is an automated process that reduces variability and tightly controls the amount of resin. This is important because infused parts have less voids to serve as failure points, are stronger and lighter. The vacuum infusion process also significantly reduces, sometimes even completely eliminates, styrene emissions. This means the boat buyer gets a more reliable and affordable product, our workers benefit from good air quality, and our environmental impact is minimized.

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Custom Projects

Do you have a special request for a composite part? We offer custom design services and fabrication of composite parts! All custom layups and composite part designs are guaranteed by a professional engineer licensed in the state of Montana. Based on the project scope we will provide a complete bid that covers you from conception to launch day. Contact Us today to get your free quote!