At First Water we are working towards economically, socially and environmentally sustainable boating. To ensure future generations have a healthy environment with clean air and water, we source safe materials throughout including bio-based thermoset resins, sustainable forest hard woods, 100% recycled filler materials, natural fiber reinforcements, and low volatile organic compound (VOC) water-borne finishes. Many of the boating accessories, stainless steels and aluminum metal parts are made in the U.S.A.

Our manufacturing processes are responsible and efficient.  Vacuum infusion injects epoxy resin for in a sealed environment, eliminating the release of styrene emissions during curing.  A reusable silicon vacuum bag technology, developed as part of the industry's Green Initiative, reduces plastic waste from bag films and tubing.  The silicon is non-toxic and odor free.  Eco-friendly coatings are applied in an industrial paint booth with state of the art HVAC equipment.  Dust is kept at bay thanks to high efficiency HEPA collectors and vacuum extraction systems that trap particles at the source before it goes airborne. 

The First Water building is fabricated from over 80% recycled steel.  It uses energy-efficient lighting and southern exposure windows.  The building was engineered to stay cool in the sun by reflecting solar radiation and uses a high R-value insulation system.